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About Oliskin

Company Overview

Oliskin is a globally recognized manufacturer and marketer of skin , health and body care products. Oliskin operates in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. It is headquartered in Shenzhen (China) and factory in Guangzhou (China).


Business Description

Our line of products for beauty and skincare treatments was brought from the Mediterranean Sea Countries to China to address a multitude of skin care needs.

Oliskin, is the brand name registered to: Shenzhen Oliskin Co., Ltd.  Oli = Comes from the word Olive; Oli + Skin = Oliskin.

Our products are all based on original Olive oil, imported from a Mediterranean Sea Country where we own an Olive plantage with about 2000 olive trees.

Our olives are picked up at a specific time of the year to match the products we make, all our oil is cold pressed in the old fashion way to preserve all the phenols and health properties that are needed to cure, protect and improve the beauty the skin. No modern machinery used.


Performance is the emphasis of Oliskin. Each product is formulated to cure, improve, protect and beauty your skin. Each ingredients in Oliskin products is selected for its contribution and health benefits. Through the combination of scientific knowledge of skin care and sensuality of cosmetology, Oliskin wishes that the beauty should be seen, not hidden.


The founder Assis Ghrieb is a Swedish National, was born in a country around the Mediterranean Sea, he grew up and studied in France. He has been coming to China for business since 1990, where he visited Shenzhen and Guangzhou for business. Since then already over 20 years for Euro-Asia business.




Our goal is to build customers for a lifetime by offering our great products to them which they simply cannot live without.

The long-term goal of Oliskin is within the next four or five years of operations is to expand to multiple locations around the world and the final goal is to become one of the leaders in skin care and beauty products.

The global leader in prestige beauty: a well-diversified, brand-building powerhouse of unrivaled creativity and innovation.



Bringing the Best to Everyone We Touch and Being the Best in Everything We Do.

To provide products and services that enhance and improve our clients' overall skin health and to provide customers with knowledge on how to develop and establish a good daily skin care regime in order to maintain beautiful, healthy and glowing skin.

At Oliskin, we demand that our sales associates have a high degree of integrity in all sales relationships. We believe in offering the best products available in our industry and providing the best service possible. We are dedicated to providing consistent high customer satisfaction by rendering excellent service and high quality products.

Oliskin is a company where customers can find answers to their skin care needs whether they are faced with dry, oily, sensitive and normal or combination skin. Our products will address our customer’s skin care and beauty concerns.

Oliskin offers the finest products with a complete skin care line, promotional stuff and body oils. Our wide range of products will improve the way our customers look and empower the way they feel.


Key To Success

Oliskin's keys to success are vital as they are the points that will spell out the difference between success and failure. They are:

  • Desire: Oliskin has a strong desire to assist people to become as beautiful as possible. We have the love in making people happier and happier and more satisfied.
  • We have the advantage in owning the olive plantation so we can control the quality of the Olive Oil used in all our products.



The global leader in prestige beauty: a well-diversified, brand-building powerhouse of unrivaled creativity and innovation.


Market Needs

Oliskin's product will be filling the need for its customers to look their best. Beauty is a popular issue around the world today that is continually pushed into the faces of people every day. Oliskin will be fulfilling the need and desire for people to look beautiful and to have their skin taken care of. Oliskin will be there to guide those who need guidance and provide for those who already know what they need.



Oliskin was founded in 2012 by Mr. Assis Ghrieb. The flagship brand, Oliskin, was launched with the following first products: super rich all purpose Oil and Acne cure, At present while this page is written five additional products are already under tests and will be released in few months (Moisturizing day cream, Toner, Moisturizing night cream) all products are developed internally.

It was in February 2012 when Mr Assis Ghrieb come to China for a short trip and he was suppose to travel Back to Europe but this time has become an eternity in China, he was walking in the heart of Shenzhen and in most crowded areas where he noticed many people with Acne on their faces and he was wondering why, he kept asking people around him why this is happening in China but he got not clue yet, as his experience from the years he spend in the Mediterranean sea countries, people have good health and nice skin, as he knew there was only teenagers who got Acne and it disappears in a while but in China even adults got acne on their faces, then he remembered one thing that countries around the Mediterranean sea have what the rest of the world don’t have and it was the Olive oil.


From his ancestors they owned an olive plant that has been passed from one person to another and currently owned by Mr Assis Ghrieb. People around him use to drink the pure Olive Oil as if they were drinking milk, they use to also offer him the Olive oil for a drink but he refuses as he then didn't know yet the importance of the this Golden Oil.

His grand parents used to save a part of the newly and freshly hand pressed Olive Oil in the cellars as many others saves wines, they use to tell him that very old Olive Oil is a medicine so you have to take care of it, it is better than gold and it can save lives and cure people from sickness, in fact it is a Gold liquid as many they name it.


He immediately start arranging the Olive Oil to be sent from Mediterranean Sea region to China for further tests, few weeks later he got the Olive Oil in hands while he still stay in Shenzhen and asked Chinese friends to pick up few people who had Acne and performed the tests on them and the result was surprisingly and amazingly positive for the Chinese friends but for him it was something normal that he grew up with. Then he decides to share this Gold Treasure with the Chinese people.


From then he started performing tests on several persons with skin problems and also with friends to see how the skin will improve and all the way the results were very positive, months passed and he already stayed few months in China then he decide to start a company and Oliskin was born and registered in October 2012. Even thou he started the company and was ready to put the product in market but he decided to take more time before handing out the products to the consumer so he preformed more tests and doing the market survey, talking with several agents and professional people in this field and meanwhile preparing for manufacturing of other products.



Bringing the Best to Everyone We Touch

and Being the Best in Everything We Do

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